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Find out more about scratchies NZ: the history of these cards, traditional rules, how to play them online, what winnings to expect, read expert opinions and tips, and more.

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scratchies nz

Scratchies are a very popular form of gambling, both in New Zealand and around the world. It is primarily because players have the opportunity to win instant prizes, which makes this form of gambling extremely attractive. There are several types of scratch cards, from those that cost only a few dollars and have moderate cash prizes to the more expensive ones that offer players potential winnings in millions of NZD.

1 Jackpot City $ 400 5132598
2 Ruby Fortune $ 250 5131826
3 Royal Vegas $ 300 5132192
4 Spin Palace $ 400 4.8132126
5 All Slots Casino $ 500 4.6131400
6 Mummys Gold $ 500 4.4132139
7 Gaming Club $ 200 4.3132043
8 Lucky Nugget $ 200 4.1132111

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  • Software: Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming & 25 etc.
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Royal Vegas 3
5 / 5.0132192 marks

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NZ$ 300 up to 100% free
wager: 70
  • Withdrawal: $ 50
  • Deposit: $ 5
  • Reputation: Good
  • Software: Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming & 22 etc.
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Spin Palace 4
4.8 / 5.0132126 marks

Aussies welcomed Approved
NZ$ 400 up to 100% free
wager: 70
  • Withdrawal: $ 50
  • Deposit: $ 5
  • Reputation: Good
  • Software: Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming & 22 etc.
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All Slots Casino 5
4.6 / 5.0131400 marks

NZ$ 500 up to 100% free
wager: 70
  • Withdrawal: $ 50
  • Deposit: $ 5
  • Reputation: Good
  • Software: Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming & 23 etc.
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Mummys Gold 6
4.4 / 5.0132139 marks

NZ$ 500 up to 100% free
wager: 70
  • Withdrawal: $ 50
  • Deposit: $ 5
  • Reputation: Good
  • Software: Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming & 26 etc.
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Gaming Club 7
4.3 / 5.0132043 marks

NZ$ 200 up to 100% free
wager: 70
  • Withdrawal: $ 50
  • Deposit: $ 5
  • Reputation: Good
  • Software: Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming & 23 etc.
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Lucky Nugget
4.1 / 5.0132111 marks

NZ$ 200 up to 150% free
wager: 70
  • Withdrawal: $ 50
  • Deposit: $ 5
  • Reputation: Good
  • Software: Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming & 26 etc.
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📍 About scratch cards

Scratch cards are instant lottery games created back in 1974, and from the very beginning, were recognizable for their exceptional accessibility and simplicity of rules. The ability to get results and receive an award immediately after recognizing the drawing is another advantage that enabled them to create a large army of fans. Originally, these cards were issued in the form of printed tickets. Online versions of the instant lottery appeared in the early 2000s. The first virtual instant scratch cards were produced by Scratch2Cash and created with the help of Flash and Java technology.

Online Casino NZ Scratch cards games Live Scratchcard Official site Mobile Scratchcard
Gaming Club 3 0 Yes
EmuCasino 1 0 Yes
JackpotCity 2 0 Yes
PlayAmo 1 0 Yes
Lucky Nugget 4 0 Yes
Bit Starz 6 0 Yes
All Slots 11 0 Yes
Ruby Fortune 23 0 Yes

By going online, scratch cards are slowly becoming the most popular form of lottery.

chief editor Aidan Wolinski

The technology virtually imitated the mentioned process of scratching a special coating, and players could do it separately for each sector or the entire card at once. To do this, you had to use the ‘Scratch All’ or ‘Show Card’ button, depending on the version of the game. The instant lottery has become a widespread option in the modern entertainment industry. Today, scratchies are available in the collections of most gaming software manufacturers. Like other casino games from other categories, such as roulette or poker, there are free games with instant prizes.


🎮 How to play scratchies

In the classic version, scratch cards are made in the shape of small cards, and on their front side is a field with several sectors, i.e. fields. In each sector, the images are marked with rules. The drawings are hidden under a special coating. All it takes is for the player to erase that special coating from the cover and reveal the images. Instant scratchies bring winnings if three identical pictures appear in certain sectors, and the amount of the prize is marked in a special place on the card.

Scratchies Casino Mafia Syndicate Game Happy Holidays Lost Vegas Zombie Lost Vegas Survivors Lucky Leprechaun Freezing Fuzzballs Cashapillar Scratch Card
Provider Evoplay Entertainment Microgaming Microgaming Microgaming Microgaming Microgaming Microgaming
Release 43867 43817 43762 43762 43738 41913 41852
Min Bet 1 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0,5 0,5
Max Bet 50 10 100 100 100 10 10
Max Win x150 x10000 x250 x250 75000 25000 10000
User rating 4,8 4,7 4,8 4,7 4,6 4,5 4,7

Virtual, i.e. online scratchies, now have several additional features. To diversify entertainment, developers are introducing instant scratchies in various upgraded versions. As a result, users are offered instant cards of various types. Tabs with enlarged field sizes bring several rows and levels and can contain dozens of picture fields. It is not enough to find just a few identical pictures to win. A series of identical images should be assembled, placed vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, depending on the scratch card game’s rules.


How do I find a reliable site for playing scratchies NZ?

Experts agree that online scratchies NZ are becoming ever so popular and have therefore provided a few helpful tips on how to find reliable sites where you can play scratch cards online.

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Ali McEwan

For security measures, it is best to find an online casino that is quite reputable. This way, you will be sure that your money will not go to waste.

Alica Peter

There is no point in gambling if you cannot collect your winnings. Therefore, finding a casino that suits your payment methods is the best way of playing scratchies NZ.

Layla Rischbieth

The New Zealand Lottery provides various cards for scratching online. Although not as fun and convenient as online casinos, it is the safest way to play scratchies.


💳 Scratch cards variations

Using ideas established by pokies, these scratch cards can contain a ‘Wild’ symbol that can replace any image or add a set of images to win a prize. Often, a card with a ‘Wild’ symbol, sometimes known as Joker, guarantees instant winnings or an additional reward. There are also instant scratch cards with bonus games that are activated by the appearance of a certain bonus symbol. This activates some of the following options:

Playing this lottery online is fantastic since there are a plethora of different scratchies to choose from. Online scratch lottery cards can have complex rules, and while still easy to play, it makes scratching much more entertaining.

A variety of rules is not the only thing that has been evolving. Online scratch cards have different themes, so you can find games inspired by popular culture that use motifs from books, myths, legends, movies, comics, just like slot games do. Also, these cards are increasingly seen as an additional option offered by certain poker machines. There are scratchies that are either easier or harder to play, so it is necessary to compare the ease of winning those prizes with the total prize pool and, of course, the price of a scratch card.

Providers Scratchies NZ Name game Desktop All Games
Evoplay Entertainment 2 Mafia Syndicate, Scratch Match yes 119
Microgamibg 28 Happy Holidays, Lost Vegas yes 519
Iron Dog 13 lood Queen, Si-Xiang, Wai-kiki yes 64
1×2 Gaming 13 Go For Gold, Off Scratch, Sweet Sixteen yes 151
Pragmatic Play 7 7 Piggies, Diamond Strike, Gold Rush yes 274
Blueprint 6 King Kong Cash, Ted Scrstch, Deal or no deal yes 232
NextGen 24 Medusa, Irish Eyes yes 244
GAMES INC 1 Piggy Bank yes 46
Pariplay 14 Luxor, Mega Love, Fruit Basket yes 101
Hacksaw Gaming 45 Rat Riches, Frogs, Koi Cash yes 59


💡 Scratch cards odds

The only important thing you need to keep in mind all the time is that scratch lottery cards are really just a game of chance and that there is no proven way to increase your chances of winning. It is important not to play those lottery tickets that have already won the main prize because businessmen sometimes leave those lottery tickets in circulation in order to sell them as much as possible. When playing them online, the Return To Player (RTP) is approximately 90% unless you hit a big thing.

Return To Player
A percentage of the total investment that the game will give back to the player in a casino.


When playing anything online in New Zealand, you can always use your credit and debit cards as payment methods. Depending on where you choose to play scratchies NZ, you will probably have even more options. The most popular are:

  1. Skrill.
  2. PayPal.
  3. Neteller e-wallets.

These options are the fastest and easiest way of transferring money. For those who don’t have e-wallets, there is also the possibility of transferring your funds via bank transfers, which often take a while and usually include additional fees. Big online casinos even include Bitcoin payments.

scratch cards

When you decide on the scratchies that best suit your preferences, then you also need to buy them in heaps or play them regularly. This way, there is statistically a better chance you will win something.

💠 How to start playing scratchies

It will take: 10 minutes

Whether you opt to play scratch cards at online casinos or the New Zealand lottery, the process is very much the same. All you have to do is:



Scratch cards can be played for real money, but they can also be tried in demo mode. Playing in demo mode is something we really support because that way, players can try out what the games look like and get used to the rules before they start playing with their money.
Many online casinos in New Zealand have mobile versions, and you can play either all or some of their games via smartphone. Depending on a casino, it is possible to play scratch cards on your mobile device, but it is recommended to check out whether that is possible first before depositing money. The best way is to contact the online casino's customer support.
Online and traditional winnings are more or less the same. As your state lottery will provide a certain chance of winning, the online casinos will do the same. Usually, the return to the player percentage at online casinos is around 90%; therefore, statistically, you will lose a bit more than win. But, if you win bigger prizes, then you will definitely have a positive bank balance.
It varies from both online casinos and the type of scratch card game you are playing. Some casinos will offer better prizes, some will offer certain bonuses, and some scratch card games will not have jackpots, just regular small winning prizes. Those who offer great jackpots can give up to 1 million NZD. But those are rare, and going for thousands of NZD is much more likely.
The main idea is pretty much the same: scratch the card and see if you won something. While there are varieties of both regular and online scratchies, the latter ones provide much more options and fun. Among the features that were added in the online sphere are:

  • ambient music;
  • different graphical themes;
  • animations.

As you choose the best casino for you, you must first make sure that the casino meets the most important parameters, such as accepting players from the country you live in and the casino's reputation for fair play and payouts. Second, you can choose a platform according to the attractiveness of the casino site design or according to their selection of games, in this case, of course, the selection of scratch cards.


🔈 Players reviews

  • Bolton

    I play these lottery tickets online only when I find the prize is over a million dollars. I don't want to waste my time with pocket change.

  • Sweet_cat

    It is fun to play these lottery cards with my wife. It's our special time. I wouldn't get everything if I played alone, but she wins all the time.

  • Darkshaper

    Before I got into this entertainment, I've played so many different games, but I never got anything. Now I'm hooked on online lottery because they are fun, easy to play, and sometimes I even win.

  • Oppotion888

    I occasionally play games of chance, and so far, I haven't gotten anything but replacements. It's still fun, though.

  • Zadrot

    I find that people play games of chance not with the aim of having fun but to change the state in which they live. So far, I've been living the same way I used to.

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